Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Soul Detox: Sustain Your Roots

Craig Groeschel, author of Soul Detox, says this about the root of bitterness:

         "All roots, whether those of a giant Redwood or of personal bitterness, sustain themselves by what they absorb and the direction they grow. The roots absorb whatever moisture is nearby into their system to nourish the tree. If the roots absorb clean water, the tree will grow strong and healthy. If the roots absorb contaminated water, the tree becomes diseased and unhealthy. Just like people. The more they dwell on a hurt, the more poison their hearts absorb."

In the new year, may you find yourself planted in the midst of life-sustaining moisture so that your roots can be properly nourished and your life flourish like a cedar tree in Lebanon. Free yourself from contaminated atmospheres and people. Selah.



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