Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Small Beginnings Are the Best Beginnings!

Sometimes we can be guilty of looking so far into the future, dreaming about what we’ll become or what we can do, that we miss what’s right in front of us (Yes, guilty party speaking here). In a recent conversation I had with someone, we were talking about trying to make the most of our opportunities. We mentioned how you can’t overlook what is in front of you seeking to get to what you presume is better. How often do we allow our future thoughts to hold captive our present opportunities? By this I mean we often spend time trying to get to “our future” and become what we have set out to be, that we miss the small and seemingly insignificant opportunities that prepare us for our much anticipated future.

            The Bible asks this question, “Who despises the day of small things?” (Zech 4:10) And so I simply come to remind us today not to take for granted the day of small beginnings. While you are rushing to be the CEO/President of your brand new business or organization, remember to be faithful where you are and learn all that you can learn there. When you are planning your next big move thinking it will get you to the place you’ve been dreaming of, remember to thank God for the path that you are already on and thank God for the lessons you’ve already learned. One thing I am certain of: you will need the lessons in your future that you will learn from your small beginnings. So despise not the day of small beginnings because YOUR SMALL BEGINNING COULD BE YOUR BEST BEGINNING.    



Love this! Its what I am still learning to do... I wanted to be done with school so I was rushing that. I wanted to be out of certain trials, so I was rushing that too. But I have learned to 'enjoy' the process; the day-by-day, good and bad so that when I am done with school or done with whatever trial, I will be able to say that I 'went through it with patience' and not 'ran through it and missed the point'. Good post!

Your comments are so true, and just the other day i was thinking about the butterfly and wrote these words, The butterfly starts life struggling to become what is was created to be. If at any time the butterfly tries to abort the process, shortened the process or even bypass the process it will never reach its full potential. When we are so focused on getting into the future we risk the possibility of never reaching our full potential. Don't abort, delay or bypass your small beginning it is designed to help you reach your full potential.

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