Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What To Expect When You're Expecting, Pt. 1

You can question any mother or pregnant woman and they would probably tell you that that there are some adjustment to life that they are required to make when they are expecting a baby. They are compelled to change their diets, get more rest, buy new clothes, and even endure the pain and discomfort that comes with pregnancy; these are just things that pregnant women expect when they’re expecting. Much like that which a pregnant woman encounters when she is expecting, when we are expecting something new or big to be delivered (metaphorically speaking) in our lives, on our jobs, in our ministries, etc., there are some things we should expect to happen and take place.

The best of us have dreams and goals that we are seeking to achieve. Whether we are dreaming of owning our own business, attaining a new degree, having children, or starting a new career; the best of us are expecting something great to happen in our lifetime. For those of us are expecting great things in our future, for those of us who are dreaming and striving for goals, for those of us who are expecting to deliver something big (be it an idea, a new ministry, a business, or career change) there are some things we should expect when we’re expecting.

First, we should expect some resistance. Nothing great or “worth its salt” is delivered or accomplished without some resistance. Oftentimes we can allow the resistance we experience to make us give up and we often view its presence as a sign that we are headed in the wrong direction. While resistance can be the result of misdirected paths, I wish suggests that resistance of any kind is simply a part of the delivery process. How do you birth a great idea, a life impacting ministry, or flourishing business without some resistance? Resistance is to be expected when you’re expecting.

Second, we should expect the rebuttal of others. Rebuttal is what one does when they are refuting or in disagreement with a statement or an issue. It’s what the Republicans do to President Obama every time he opens his mouth. Anyway…we can’t expect everyone to understand what we are carrying or about to give birth to. Therefore, people talking against your dreams and future aspirations should be expected when you’re expecting. It’s a cliché and we hear it all of the time, but it’s true “you can’t expect everyone to understand your dreams and visions because it’s not theirs.” This is part of what you should expect when you’re expecting.

How have you handled the resistance and rebuttal that can come with expecting to deliver your dreams, business, ministry, etc.? Does it appear to be worth the struggle?      



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