Monday, May 14, 2012

The Social Justice Person In Me Says…

How long will we face injustice? How long will the “authorities” be allowed to throw their weight around? How long will they (the police and government officials) demand respect and never give it. I struggle with people who are in power and always operate on a “do as I say and not as I do” trip. The police demand respect, but when they disrespect the civilians they are called to protect, we’re supposed to remain silent about it. Well, NO! Wrong is Wrong. You are wrong for shooting down our children and people in innocent blood. You are wrong for planting weapons in our homes and drugs in our neighborhoods. You are wrong for soliciting government funds to build up the poor black neighborhoods in the city only to use it for the upkeep and expansion of the already thriving suburban neighborhoods. You are wrong for stopping us at traffic lights when we’ve done no wrong and demanding to search our vehicles. You are wrong for your racial profiling. You are wrong.

I will never forget the day I was coming home from Bible Study and a police officer pulled my sister and me over because he smelled marijuana in the area. First, let me say sir we were in a black on black car and you trailed us for at least 3 blocks before you pulled us over. So…you smelled marijuana for at least 3 blocks and decided that the culprits were us, PLEASE! But, when we let down the darkly tinted windows and you saw two black girls with Bibles in their laps and strawberry slushes in their hands you decided that you’d move on. But, you were hoping to find “ray ray” and his friends, who already have records, driving this car so you can take them in because you suspected they were smoking an illegal substance…well you, sir, were wrong.

The unfortunate thing about all of this is that the police protect their own. It seems that no matter how wrong the police can be at times, their protected by rules that no one knows about until a situation happens that demands the rule be in effect. So you can kick a woman in the stomach and be protected by your own laws because apparently you’ve always had the right to do that. You can shoot down a teenager in innocent blood and be protected by your own rules because apparently you’ve always had the right to do that. You can plant drugs and drug dealers in poor black neighborhoods then raid their homes for drugs and pin a charge against them because apparently you’ve always had the right to do that. Well, when your rights mister (ßinclusively used) police officer harms, tears down, and destroys the rights of the people (African Americans in particular) then your rights need to be re-evaluated. What about our rights? I don’t know what happened to the theme of protect and serve, but…

Please note this is not an attack on all police because there are some good ones, rather this is a stand against the systemic evil that pervades the governmental structure knows as the Police Department.  

Also, note that this is not to say that everyone who is engaged by the police is innocent.

What have been some of your thoughts as you have watched issues surrounding the police departments in America come and go on your local and national news channels?  



While I agree with your stance on justice, I must admit that within the criminal justice system, police find and arrest most criminals by doing random stops than by any other method. I, personally, hate that probably cause is something that can get me pulled over. I was riding down Mt. Moriah one day and was driving a dark blue car with tinted windows. I was pulled over and the cop said that my tags came up to be the tags of a red pickup truck. Lets forget about the fact that I'd had the car for 2 years and I purchased it from a car lot. By the end of the conversation, there were 3 police cars with flashing lights behind me. I asked for his superior's phone number and was given a random number that only rang. I could have taken it farther, but decided against it. As crazy as it might sound, we sometimes have to take the good with the bad. I'd rather be pulled over and found innocent than the police not be able to pull people over and not find the criminals that they do by using the method. It sounds crazy, but as long as I'm innocent and nothing's planted on me, I aint worrying about it.

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