Thursday, May 3, 2012

For Such a Time as This!

For my morning devotion I read Esther chapter 4. You know the familiar text where Esther says, “If I perish, let me perish because I’m going to see the King.” You know, that one. As I was reading Esther 4 I began to read the chapters surrounding it just to get a feel for the context. I’ve read this story and heard it preached countless times, but this morning it reminded me of an encounter that I had a few days ago. Last week I had an unexpected conversation with my mentor about God’s timing. She was sharing with me her reflections from a devotional she had read earlier in the week. She talked to me about trusting God’s timing and learning to actively wait on God. These were things she had mentioned to me before and things that I’d learned just by watching her and how she operates in ministry. But, as the conversation went on she said something to me that I’d honestly never given thought to. She said, “You know it’s about more than being gifted and anointed, but there are other variables that come in to play.” She mentioned a couple of the variables that work in unison with God’s anointing, but the major component she talked about was God’s timing.

As I read the Esther story again, I realized that Esther had plenty of opportunities to approach the king about saving the Jews from extermination. After all she lived in the place. However, Queen Esther was extremely strategic in how she went about completing her task. She knew she possibly had a measure of influence because of her position in the palace, she knew that her assignment was from God, and she personally knew the person (the king) who could do something about her situation. But, in spite of all of this, I believe that Esther understood something about God’s timing that my mentor was seeking to teach me that day we talked. Esther knew that although she had position (or maybe even influence) in the palace, had a God-given purpose (to save the Jews), and knew the King, none of those variables would have mattered had she not acted at the right time. It was not until chapter 7 that Esther was able to bring her request to the king and he granted it. Who knows what the outcome could have been if she’d acted on the revelation to soon.

The point is this…Trust God’s timing. When gifts, anointing, skill, and the right time work together, then the purpose God has called you to will begin to come to fruition.     

How has your experience been with waiting on God? Please share in the commet section below...(it can be anonymous)




Oh my... GREAT POST!!! To answer your question, the waiting process is one that can be mentally/physically exhausting, draining, tiring, impatient, etc. It can cause anger towards God when the individual's understanding of the waiting process is not one of patience, self-less, or maturity. These individuals do not recognize that their gift/anointing hold no weight regarding any particular ministry, circumstance or situation without God's hands being on them. It is in the wait that all of the spirits/things and intent/motives of the heart attached to waiting period are exposed. The anger, need for attention, resentment, jealousy, etc. are all manifested. However, it is up to that individual to recognize and seek to be released from these things in the process.

In the past, for me, 'the wait' was an impatient one. I would be angry because the situation did not change in my timing. My attempts to reduce 'the wait' would include various fleshly methods to initiate change or progress. I HAVE LEARNED that only GOD's timing control these things!!! I learned that fleshly-led methods only lengthen the wait. I have learned that they that know HOW to wait IN 'the wait' are the blessed throughout 'the wait' as well as after the wait.

God's timing is perfect and He knows those who are HIS. In that, now I rejoice in the wait. I now recognize that the scriptures are true. In that, they that wait - in/after the wait will have renewed strength; the ability to run the distance without getting weary, and/or walking without fainting regardless of how intense the pressure of 'moving before timing' gets. It all boils down to trusting God when the pressure indicates that He is not there. A gift comes without serving God so those that operate out of His timing within a gift remain ineffective; or not as effective as they could have been. The anointing belongs to God and He disburses it at His will. Timing, even our breath, belongs to God - and I have learned that if I am gifted by Him, anointed by Him, live, breathe and move only by His, then why not wait on Him... and in the waiting rejoice in the fact that when He does move- it will be a move that: a) I would have to recognize His power; b)When He moves only HE can get the glory for what HE has done - in HIS timing :) Our attitude in 'the wait' determines our altitude after the wait. I guess u can tell that your post really ministered to me. Thanks! God Bless.

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