Thursday, May 10, 2012

For Such a Time as This! Pt. 2

This morning when I woke up, I was thinking about God’s timing. I don’t know if this is a stage that you go through in your mid-20’s or if this is just life, but I do know that every day I am asking God ‘Why am I here?’, ‘What is my purpose?’, ‘And when do I move in it?’ I find myself spending a lot of time trying to discern the Will of God and very little time resting in the Will of God. I think there is a time for discerning. I believe that some seasons of our lives warrant periods of perpetual discernment. But, I also believe that there are times when we need to simply rest in the Will of God. I've found that when I’m busy seeking God’s Will for my life, I almost turn it into a game of “Hide and Seek.” I get so caught up in looking behind every tree and searching around every corner that if I’m not careful I miss God’s presence that’s right in front of me.

God is not interested in playing ‘Hide and Seek’ with us. God wants us to know His Will for our lives, but timing is important. If we consider the things God has called us to do and we think about the persons we are today, can we say that we are ready to possess it? If God put in your lap today, the thing you’ve been waiting on, how would you respond? Would God be glorified or would you? Would you be a conduit with your gift or would you hoard it for yourself? These questions are ones we must ask ourselves and consider when we’re waiting on God. Don’t rush God’s timing; allow yourself to rest in His Will and remember sometimes arriving early is just as bad as arriving late. God’s timing is PERFECT!   

If God put in your lap today, the thing you’ve been waiting on, how would you respond? Feel free to share in the comment section below.



"Sometimes arriving early is just as bad as arriving late" Wow! What a powerful statement. This blog post gave me something to think about. I've become so used to just doing "whatever" that I've not even actively tried to discern God's will for me. I've been doing what I THINK I'm supposed to be doing or what people tell me I should be doing, but I'm not certain that those things are God's particular will for my life. In all of this, I hope that I'm not "late" or "early" in fulfilling God's will for my life. Hopefully when I reach the place where I can hear clearly from God, I'll be right on time.

Your blogs are so powerful and inspirational! I pray God's highest blessings on your life for the good work that you are doing in His name!

If God put in my lap today, the thing you've been waiting on, ... I would like to believe I would respond to the glory of God, but life's temptations and other people's expectations can direct how we move and respond. You are so right timing is everything and God's timing is the only timing that matters. Not only do I not want to be late but I also want to wait for instructions, directions and moving orders so that my step are truly ordered by God. Thank you for yet another thought provoking blog. Praying God's continued blessings on you and all that you seek to do in building the kingdom.

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