Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thinking Equals Thanking!!!

Last night during one of our GROWTH group sessions at church, we shared openly about the dark moments, or what we were calling ‘Good Friday’ moments, that we had experienced in our lives. Some shared about family deaths, sicknesses, unemployment and underemployment, etc. As we all shared our Good Friday moments we remembered how grave some of our situations seemed at the time yet we were compelled to realize that we were present to testify about them. Somehow as the conversation continued to spur we began one by one to move our conversation towards what we were calling our “Resurrection” seasons. One of the questions raised in the group stated, ‘What resurrection celebrations have come about in your life as a result of a Good Friday situations?” This was a relevant question.

As we pondered on that question the morale of the group began to shift. We quickly began to realize that our Good Friday moments often lead to a blessing that enhanced our faith, deepen our relationship with God, or simply helped us to later minister to others who were going through the same or a similar situation. The more we thought about things the more we were thankful for the experience and even more so for the results of the experience. While we acknowledge that the pain of the experience was real, we all had to confess that the joy of our resurrection seasons far out weighted the pains of our Good Fridays. I encourage you today to allow your thinking (your reflections of the past) to lead to thanking God for the reality of your present (YOU’RE STILL HERE) and the possibilities within your future. God Bless!      



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