Friday, April 20, 2012

Power - Responsibility = Defeat

Growing up as a kid I looooooved the Power Rangers. I mean I was emphatically in love with them. Whenever the show would come on I would sit in Indian style in front of the TV and dare anyone to say anything to me while the Power Rangers were on (this was a serious addiction). What captivated me the most, and probably a million other kids growing during the Power Rangers era, was that they were cool and made all the rules. They defied gravity, possessed divine like powers, and always conquered their enemy. They were in control! They had everything a kid growing up watching them would want; friends, popularity, and power.

They were led by their hologram depicted leader Zordon who often taught them how to survive in the face of danger. But most importantly Zordon taught them how to use their powers and how to use them responsibly; now, as an adult, that’s what I remember most about the Power Rangers. They were cool and had power, but they never lorded over people or intimidated others with it. The saying goes, “With great power comes great responsibility”, and truer words have never been spoken. How we use the power we possess is important. We are not given power to make ourselves feel bigger than we should; rather, we are given power with the hopes that we will empower others. For Christians, God expects us to use the power that is in our possession responsibly and for the good of humanity. If our power only benefits us and with it we lack a sense of responsibility, then our demise is inevitable. Power is less about ruling over people and more about responsibly leading and empowering people to reach their highest potential. Will you possess power responsibly, or will you be defeated by it?      



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