Thursday, April 12, 2012

Let It Shift!

I love to read…this is probably obvious to some :) and I love to take in new information. One of the things that I do frequently is read blogs. There is one blog in particular that I read almost religiously. The blogger of this blog is a woman who is well established in the academy as well as the world of writing. Not long ago she decided that she would no longer consistently update her blog as she wanted to use the time for something else. She further stated that she would only post if there was something worth saying, but she was taking the pressure off of herself by not committing to consistently post in the future (as a blogger I understand this).

Even though I have known for some time that she would no longer consistently update the blog, I still anxiously visit it looking for a new post hoping to catch a glimpse of what might be on her mind. This week I found myself checking this blog everyday hoping for something new although she had not posted something new since 2010. I finally asked myself, ‘Why do you continue to revisit what you know has come to an end?’ I thought about the many times I’d cleaved to things that I knew where over and had run its course. When the weather changes and the seasons shift I am always guilty of holding on to my favorite season, winter. I don’t know why, but I always have a difficult time shifting from winter to spring even though I know that the seasons must shift in order for the earth to continue to produce. While this blog that I read religiously in the past had produced much fruit in my life and was good for the moment, it really was time for me to move on. It was time for me to begin to explore new possibilities in my own thinking and develop my own ideals about life. So here’s a note to all: if the seasons are shifting don’t resist; shift with it because there is always something greater ahead. What are you holding on to?  



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