Monday, April 16, 2012

Don't Look and Not See!

Have you ever heard someone say, “You are so busy looking that you cannot see”? I have, and I’ve always found this quote or old saying somewhat interesting. It wasn’t until recently that I really understood how someone can be looking and not seeing. As a person in ministry I have experienced the anxiousness of looking for God in everything and in every situation. I’ve dealt with the delayed God-given dreams coming to pass, and nervously seeking for the fruition of divine visions. I have been guilty of so desperately seeking the next move of God that I miss what God is already doing in my present. How often do we do this?!

I hear so often of people in the church, in particular in a lesser role than that of the Senior Pastor, wanting to use their gifts in capacities that are not readily available to them yet. These people spend more time looking for an opportunity to use their gifts; rather than seeing the opportunities to hone their gifts that are already present. As a young clergy person I completely understand wanting to use your gifts and be utilize, but I am a firm believer of what my Pastor has literally nailed to my cerebral cortex, YOUR GIFT WILL MAKE ROOM FOR YOU!   

How much time do we waste looking for the next opportunity that we don’t see the ones that are right in front of us? Perhaps you are looking to start a new business venture and it is not coming to pass as you would hope. I would suggest seeing the opportunities that are around you that would help you ultimately reach that goal, but also help you to hone your skills while in the process. If you are looking for a new position on your job, I would suggest seeing the prospects and the minute things that others miss in your company and begin to work on those and essentially enhance your company from where you are. If you are in ministry and desire to use your gifts more, I would suggest not looking to use every opportunity as a chance to display what you think your great gift is; rather, seek out and see the opportunities to serve your congregation from where you are and your gift will began to make room for you. DON’T LOOK AND NOT SEE!          



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