Friday, March 23, 2012

Define Your Target!

Lately I have been engrossed with the idea of guarding my time and being more effective at what I’ve been called to do. In the last few weeks the more I have sought to guard my space and time, the more things seem to demand my attention (i.e. family, school, ministry, etc.). But, it was a recent meeting with my pastor and mentor that caused me to reflect on the importance of guarding my time and essentially putting first things first. She mentioned to me that “focused energy was better and far more effective than energy that was all over the place.” I instantly realized that in order for me to be effective in my daily responsibilities I had to use my energy better and define my target (what I wanted to have accomplished by the end of the day). In recent conversation with individuals and reading different perspectives on time management, I realized that I was not alone in attempting to be a good steward of my time and resources, but often falling short of succeeding at it. Realizing this, the question then becomes, ‘How do we decide what is important and what gets done first?’ Let’s examine this…

In the words of my pastor and mentor we must determine if “the need is the call.” In order to define our targets well we must examine the things that are filling up our time from day to day. Is it school, ministry, work, care-giving, T.V., social media, worry, disappointment, anger, relationships, emotional distress, etc? Now, which of those things is a part of what our life’s purpose is or what we have been called to do? What is it that zaps our energy, only to leave us feeling unfulfilled and unproductive? What pulls us off our course that we are not called to, but is possibly a need for someone else. This is not to suggest that we can’t help others, or that our calls and purposes do not call for interaction with others, because they often do; However, I am suggesting that our calls and purposes demand that we closely inspect what is consuming our time and determine whether it is someone else’s need, our own lack of discipline and prioritizing, or is it related to the larger scope of what we want to accomplish in our lives (target). Defining our targets well can lead us to a more focused, fulfilling, and fruitful life and the energy we spend pressing towards our targets won’t be for naught. DEFINE YOUR TARGET AND PRESS TOWARDS IT!     



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