Friday, December 30, 2011

Mission Possible!

Recently I saw the movie Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise (Good Movie). It is an action packed film centered on an agent and an agency that make it their life’s work to accomplish the given task. Of course with any good movie, there are plenty of obstacles and trials to keep Tom Cruise and his crew from accomplishing their task; however, Tom is willing to get the job done by any means necessary. At one juncture during the course of the film, one of Tom’s team members finds the mission hard to complete and decides that it is better for the team to admit defeat rather than continue on with the possibility of failure. However, Tom’s character knew that defeat was not an option. What drove Tom to such a conclusion? Was it his zeal, passion, or his desire for success?

I thought about how often we are ready to admit defeat when the mission seems to be too tough; when the risk and the obstacles seem to be greater than the reward of accomplishment. For Christians, the reality of being called by God to accomplish a mission that we at times deem impossible to achieve is real. The mission does not have to be a lofty and grandiose one, but for some people the mission could involve beginning the process of emotional healing. The mission doesn’t have to be to save the world, but for someone the mission could be exercising forgiveness in their lives. Whatever the mission may be, sometimes the gap between the where we start and the finishing line can be so large that we deem the mission to be impossible to accomplish.

I am reminded of persons in the Bible who knew their God-given missions would be difficult, but still went on to achieve great things in spite of the obstacles. Noah, in spite of being ignored by his people, was able to build a boat that would save his family from the flood that God would send on the earth. Moses, with his stammer, was able to lead a stubborn and rebellious people to freedom. David, with his sling shot and smooth stones, was able to fight and defeat the Philistine giant, Goliath. Nehemiah was able to motivate his people out of despair so that they could rebuild the wall. Jeremiah was able to prophecy to the nations in spite of his feelings of inadequacy. Jesus, in spite of his fickle disciples and the deceitful Pharisees was able to bring salvation to the world. These persons proved what has been a reigning truth for centuries; WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

This is not about what your God-given mission is or how your mission should be carried out, but this is to encourage you so that you will know that the mission is possible. The mission is not possible because we (humans) are so great, but the mission is possible because God is so great. What is impossible for us is possible for God. Lean on God today and know that the God-given mission, whatever it may be, is POSSIBLE! ~Amen.



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