Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I Was Here!

R&B singer Beyonce Knowles is best known for her soulful, upbeat ballets that have captivated the ears of listeners across the world. One of her latest hits from her current album entitled 4 does not fall short of listeners expectations. The soft ballet entitled “I Was Here” is slightly different from other songs sung by the soulful diva. Instead of male bashing, girl empowering, love promoting tunes, Beyonce is singing about her legacy. What fascinates me about this song is that Beyonce is affirming that her presence in the world will not go unfelt; the legacy that she leaves will be a testimony to the life she has lived!

How about you? What will be the legacy that you will leave? Will people have felt your presence? Will your life bear fruit that will last beyond your existence? How are you living your life to make sure that people know YOU ARE HERE? My challenge to you today is to not let life pass you by. Grab life by the horns and go for the ride. Make your impact today! Let it be said that you were here and that the fruit your life bears will be fruit that will last. Engrave your name on the pages on history. LIVE, DON’T JUST EXIST!!!



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