Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Watch For Parasites!

Recently I watched the movie “Fireproof”, a movie based on the popular book The Love Dare. Fireproof follows the life of a married couple who is struggling to save their marriage. The husband, at the behest of his father, enters the 40 day love dare challenge and finds himself working alone to salvage what’s left of his marriage. After conquering the first half of the challenge, the husband begins to struggle at the half way mark. The half way mark presented the husband with the challenge of being tempted by pornography, which was one of the reasons his marriage was on the rocks. Out of frustration and disappointment he calls his father for some reprieve. However, instead of letting him off the hook, his father says three words to him that I believe can be helpful for us today. He says to him, “Watch for Parasites.”

His dad went on to say that the half way point of the love dare proved to be difficult because his past was resisting the promise of his future. Successfully completing the love dare meant possibly saving his marriage. Failure to follow through, however, and giving in to vulgar enticements meant ending up back where he started.

How often do we find ourselves setting out to accomplish a goal in life only to find that the trail is filled with parasites that seek to attach themselves to us? Whether the goal is to obtain a new degree, find a better job, start a new business, began a new diet, commit our ways to the Lord, build better relationships with our family members, etc., there is always opposition that stands against what we are seeking to do. The parasites in our lives may show up in various ways such as discouragement, apathy, indifference, jealous friends, envious loved ones, and difficult to deal with bosses. But, we have a responsibility to NOT be a host!  

The main goal of a parasite is to receive life and nourishment by sucking the life out of its host. What is attaching itself to you today that is causing your progress in life to be stifled? As you strive for different goals in life, what is it that is sucking the life out of you and keeping you from achieving your goals? If there is something in your life that shows parasitic characteristics GET RID OF IT NOW!



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