Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Seek, and You Shall Find!

There are seasons of my life where God appears to be absent or on sabbatical. These moments, in the past, have proved to be difficult and trying for me. During these seasons God seems to be aloof, disinterested, and even disengaged regarding the details of my life. I know what the Scripture says as it relates to God’s presence. For Psalm 46:1 declares that God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble. Psalm 37:28 reminds us that God will not forsake God’s faithful ones. And even the famous words of Jesus that are offered to the Disciples as He departs for heaven…“Behold! I am with you always; even until the end of the age.”

But, there is something that happens between reading that God is ever present and knowing and feeling that God is ever present. The realities that we face in life have a tendency to cloud our vision and hearing making it difficult to see and hear God. I can’t speak for anyone else, but there are times when my clouded vision and hearing causes me to believe that God’s vision and hearing are cloudy as well. Because I can’t see the outcome, I somehow trick myself into believing that God can’t see or doesn’t care about the outcome.

It was the words of one of the Associate Ministers at my church that caused me to remember the faithfulness and attentiveness of God. She said to me, “As long as you keep moving towards and seeking God you’re headed in the right direction…just don’t stop!” It was like a wake-up call! I was ready to give up because I couldn’t feel the presence of God. And while I was busy reminding God that God said God would never leave or forsake us, I somehow ignored God’s Word that declares seek and you shall find. To seek God would suggest that God, and perhaps God’s Will for our lives, are not always easily found. This is not to suggest that God hides God's self to send us on a wild goose chase, but in seeking God we often find out what it means to seek God with our whole heart.  

While we may being looking for God in overt and obvious ways, God's presence is often found in the subtleness of committing to seeking it. There is a promise to believers...those who seek God shall find God! Keep Seeking and You Shall Find!



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