Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Put It In Drive!

IMAGINE THIS…You're sitting in your car preparing to leave for work. You go to work and have a nice, productive day. Your boss is in the best mood, and everything you have put your hands to today has been a success. After a long day's work, you get off and run the errands that you so tediously added to your iPad calendar. The streets are all clear, the cashiers you encounter are all perky and excited about their jobs, and nobody has run you over trying to get to the sales rack first. Errands are all done, and now you're back home enjoying a nice hot bubble bath. Relaxed, refreshed, and accomplished! The only problem now is that you never started the car, and you never put it in drive! Therefore, none of these things actually happened; you only ENVISIONED them.
Much like the stagnant position of the car, our dreams are still stuck in "park". We wake up and envision where we want to go, who we want to be and what we want to do, but we never put the process in "drive".  We see ourselves as college graduates but never complete the college application. We want to be great business owners but never reserve the business name or obtain the business license. We strive to be financially stable but will not commit to saving. We desire to have a fruitful and abundant life, but we never enter into relationship with God!
We must realize that we cannot reach the outcome of our desired goal until we move. We have to put action to our vision, and set out on the journey toward our destination. At some point, we must decide to turn the ignition on our dream, shift gears, and PUT IT IN DRIVE!

Written By: Shun Davenport, Guest Blogger



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