Monday, August 1, 2011

Rule #3 Dial In Your Practice Swing

Practice makes perfect…or at least it makes you really good at something. It cannot be denied that the more you work at something, the better at it you get. George Eason refers to it this way, “Don’t blame others for your failure if you’re not even trying.” Whatever you desire to do in life you cannot stand by passively waiting for your aspirations to come into fruition; you must prepare and work hard as if it is already here. I plan to study for a PhD in the near future. However, I won’t be enrolled in a PhD program until two years from now, but I started working hard to achieve the right grades in order to get into the school of my choice three years ago.

Many entertainers will tell you that they began cultivating their craft years before anyone knew their names. They cultivated the necessary habits to maintain the type of success they intended to have. In golf, Steve Elkington declares that Tiger Woods makes every effort to marry the rhythm of his swing to its tempo by practicing...this is what makes him such a great player. As often as he can, he takes the time in the present to practice for his future wins. No one arrives to greatness in any area of life without putting in some time for practice. If you aspire to be a great business guru then cultivate the business skills you already possess. If you aspire to be a great singer, song writer, or producer then sing as often as you can, write songs until you can’t write anymore, and hook up with other great producers. If you aspire to be a great teacher, preacher, or the leader of an organization then began to cultivate the necessary disciplines that are required to be successful in such areas.  

If you are preparing now for what you want to attain later, then keep preparing. No matter how discouraging it may be, keep preparing because PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT…OR AT LEAST IT MAKES YOU REALLY GOOD AT SOMETHING!      



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