Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's Only A Test!

IT'S ONLY A TEST! This has become one of the greatest clichés in the Christian church. Whenever a person is experiencing hardships or difficulties, we can count on someone to belt out the phrase "It's Only A Test!" While these words are true and hardships and difficulties do sometimes come as tests to prove and strengthen our faith, character, etc., the person experiencing the test may view the words as a sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal (the words may appear to be meaningless and pale in comparison to the struggles they are facing).

However, I believe if we can be reminded of what tests are designed to do then we could save ourselves the trouble of worrying about or worrying through the test. Tests are only designed to see if you can accurately recall and regurgitate what you already know. For instance, math teachers never test you on math problems that they have not taught or exposed you to.

What's interesting about the tests we face in life is that they can and sometimes do cause us to focus so much on going through them that we forget that we can only be tested on what we have already been exposed to. For example, if we may be going through a season of unemployment and everything that can happen to us financially is happening, then the test requires us to recall when God was a provider. If we are going through seasons of sickness, then the test demands that we recall when God was a healer. If we find ourselves in periods of chaos or despondency, then we should recall moments in time when God gave us peace.

The test will never require you to recall something that you have never been exposed to. For Christians, if God were to test us on something that God has not prepared us for, then God would be setting us up for failure and the mere thought of this goes against everything God stands for. So next time you are going through and someone whispers to you "It's Only A Test" remember that it is only an opportunity for you to recall what God has already exposed you to. IT REALLY IS ONLY A TEST!

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