Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Finally: Rule #5 Don't Let Visuals Disrupt Your Rhythm!

DON’T LET VISUALS DISRUPT YOUR RHYTHM! What does that mean? I’m glad you asked! Rule #5 gives us a glimpse as to how visuals can disrupt our rhythm. Essentially, what we let into our eye gate can disrupt our productivity. Pro Golfer Steve Elkington always suggests that golfers focus on their swing, the ball, and the flag at the end of the hole. He states that the golf course is strategically designed to disrupt the golfer’s vision. On one hole you may have a narrow fairway (landing the ball into the fairway keeps it in good play), on another hole you may have two bunkers on either side of the fairway (landing the ball here, in the sand, makes the next play more difficult), and on another hole you may have trees that stand between you and the hole (this may require a precise swing that allows the ball to curve around the object). However, Elkington suggests that golfers must not be moved or disturbed by what they see.  A golfer’s only chance at victory lies within his or her ability to focus on their swing in spite of the visuals located throughout the course.

I wish to suggest that as individuals, business owners, teachers, mentors, and entrepreneurs the courses of life that we travel are filled with visuals that threaten to disrupt our rhythm. For business owners a financial loss is a visual that can potentially disrupt your rhythm. For teachers and mentors it may be a rebellious child or mentee that seeks to disrupt your rhythm. For entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Presidents of Non-Profits, delayed dreams can be a visual that seeks to disrupt your rhythm. Furthermore, as individuals the activity of life just has a way of potentially disrupting our rhythm. But I admonish you not to allow visuals to disrupt your rhythm. Play the game through the distractions, continue the business through frustrations, persist in developing the non-profit through rough patches, continue to strive for excellence in life even through trials and expect to have victory once you have finished the course.  




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