Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Carrying Dead Things!

Paramedics, morticians, and caregivers often find themselves in positions when they are required to bear the weight of individuals who are incapacitated, handicapped, or lifeless. If we were to talk to persons affiliated with such professions, we would find out the details about carrying dead weight. Without the aid of the person whom the paramedics, morticians, or caregivers are carrying, they are forced to bear the entire weight of the debilitated individual. They are then forced to focus all of their attention on the dead weight they are carrying.   

Much like those who work in such professions, if we are not careful we can find ourselves focusing on the dead weight that we are carrying; doing so can potentially debilitate, obstruct, or even hinder our progress. Therefore, the question that begs for our attention is this: WHAT ARE WE CARRYING THAT IS DEAD? What is the dead weight in our lives that we can’t seem to let go of? What are the dead things in our lives that keep us burdened down and forced to carry weight that we were not intended to? We are often guilty of carrying dead relationships, dead jobs, dead organizations, dead companies, dead prayer lives, or even dead worship lifestyles. I don’t believe that we intend to carry dead things; however, I do believe that if we are aware that the thing which we are carrying is dead, we have two choices.

First, we can evaluate the dead thing to see if it is worth resuscitating. For example, sometimes a company or organization can be revived by re-evaluating the vision of the institution and making necessary adjustments. Likewise, one’s prayer life can also be revived by taking a step as small as praying at a specific time on a regular basis.

Second, we can simply pronounce the situation as dead and move on. Sometimes, we are guilty of holding on to relationships that are no longer life-giving. As a result, these relationships can potentially suck the life out of us.

If there is something in your life that has no vital signs and no potential of being resuscitated, then BURY IT! Carrying dead things only weighs us down. We have to ask ourselves: is it worth it? Will we bury the dead thing or be buried with it? Whatever we choose we should be reminded that there is only one place for dead things…what will you choose?        



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