Friday, July 29, 2011

Rule #2 Don't Fight Your Inner Clock

     Your Inner Clock is important; it can be compared to the tempo of a song. While the rhythm determines the pattern of the song, the tempo determines how fast it will go. In golf, a player’s inner clock determines how quickly or slowly they play the game. An interesting aspect of having an inner clock is this: one’s inner clock does not adjust to the inner clock of others. No matter how much time you spend on trying to adjust your inner clock (tempo) to match that of others, it will not work. Ones inner clock fits their temperament only.

     I believe a person begins to fight their inner clock (the timing in which things happen in their life) because their eyes are fixed on the inner clocks of others. I’ll admit that I have often fallen prey to this trap as well. Could it be that this is the tempo, speed, or pace that you were purposed to move at? Could it be that your inner clock is designed to tick at a pace that will bring you into your purpose at the right time and not a minute late? So I admonish you not to get caught up on how fast or slow your neighbor’s inner clock is ticking; rather, focus only on your inner clock and DON’T FIGHT IT! Timing is everything!



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