Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rules for Life

I love discovering new activities to do. I am an avid reader, I love to watch and play basketball, and I love action movies. The more I love something, the more time I spend on it. A current interest that I have engrossed myself in is golf. So far I am enjoying watching the best players in the league and learning how to apply the techniques that produce great golf players. As I was waiting in a lobby one day, I stumbled upon Golf Digest magazine. While reading the magazine I came across an article by Steve Elkington, a professional Australian golfer, who was sharing the 10 rules for producing a great golf swing. Upon reading this article, I found that the 10 rules for producing a great golf swing were symptomatic of and crucial to producing a great life that is fruitful and fulfilling. Over the next couple of weeks we will navigate through Steve’s rules searching for life nuggets that will Give Inspiration for Transformation.  
Rule #1:
Find Your Own Rhythm
            In this rule Steve suggests that whatever rhythm a golfer starts with should be the rhythm a golfer sticks with. A golfer’s rhythm can be steady like a slow waltz or unsteady like rock music; however, Steve suggests that great golfers stick to a consistent rhythm throughout their game. Much like golf, life is lived in rhythm. Some people seem to move at a steady pace; they always appear to consistently grow and develop as individuals, move up the corporate ladder at a steady pace, and their spiritual lives seem to be ever increasing. While others appear to move to adapt a less steady rhythm; they don’t get job promotions as quick, they don’t have the latest and greatest car, and they don’t seem to possess all of the spiritual depth as those who move at a more steady pace. However, rhythm has nothing to do with how fast or slow it goes, but it has everything to do with consistency. Not focusing on your neighbor’s pace will help you find and build consistency in your own rhythm. FIND YOUR RHYTHM AND STICK WITH IT! In time your rhythm will begin to produce your hearts desires.



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