Thursday, October 21, 2010

Do It In A Dark Place

This past September I had the privilege of traveling to Georgetown, Guyana in South America. Twenty-two Associate Pastors and I made the long journey from Miami, Florida to Georgetown, Guyana. A few days after our arrival, we were given our ministry assignments which involved serving alongside Guyanese Pastors in their ministerial settings. One of my assignments entailed visiting the Horizon Youth and Young Adult Home. At the Horizon center, we held a brief, but impacting revival service and provided them with food to prepare meals.

The revival service began around 5:15 p.m. (which begins sunset in Georgetown) and praise, worship, scripture reading, and prayer went on for about 30 minutes. As I patiently waited to preach, I notice that it was getting dark outside and the lights at the center were not working. To my delight a young man found a lamp to provide light. But, to my dismay the lamp gave off as much light as “two cell phones”. Since I am a manuscript preacher this alarmed me; it was almost as if the large dark room swallowed up the light from lamp. Needless to say, I grew nervous about embarking on this task of preaching without lights. But, I heard God say, “I am with you.”

I want to encourage you today! Whatever darkness you may be facing; whatever situation you may find yourself in and the light is dim…DO IT IN A DARK PLACE. If you have to start the business with no money…DO IT IN A DARK PLACE. If you have to start the ministry with no help…DO IT IN A DARK PLACE. If you have to raise the children by yourself…DO IT IN A DARK PLACE. Know that where there is darkness the God on the inside of you is more than enough light. God is with you…DO IT IN THE DARK!

Monday, October 11, 2010


What would life be like if we viewed ourselves as God views us? How would we approach life’s daily assignments? Would we pursue them with confidence, or would we doubt that we can accomplish them? Jeremiah wondered if he was capable of being God’s prophet at such a young age. However, God assures Jeremiah that he can complete the task. Like Jeremiah some of us doubt whether or not we can fulfill the assignment that God has given us.  

You can complete the assignment because you were created. God does not create flops…everything God creates is good and has been created for good works. If we are willing to follow God in obedience, then God is willing to aid us in getting to the finish line. Although, Jeremiah gets discouraged at times during his ministry, his Creator always sees him through to the finish line. Be assured today, that the Creator has a vested interest in its creation…you can and you will achieve the assignment.