Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Uncommon Practice

Ubuntu! It is an uncommon word that requires uncommon work. It is a word and practice that was coined by The Reverend Desmond Tutu. It simply says...If I Diminish You, I Diminish Myself. In this modern culture, to do something that would benefit us as well as those around us is uncommon. To think beyond ourselves and our own well-being moves us unto the realm of unselfishness as well as Ubuntu! To practice Ubuntu is to say,"because I care about myself, I will care for my neighbor because to not care for my neighbor is to not care for myself."

Let us take this day to practice or do a good deed that may be uncommon to us. (i.e. speak a kind word to someone, buy someones lunch, send someone a card, encourage someone to continue producing fruit in an area in their lives). Practice taking care of others first and in return you will be taken care of.



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