Monday, August 23, 2010


     When trying to achieve something in life, opposition can be viewed as one of the most debilitating and discouraging things to face. Some people face opposition and see it as only a bump in the road; others face opposition and view it as an opposing obstacle that cannot be defeated. Sadly, I often find myself amongst those in the latter category. However, after recently experiencing some opposition, I asked myself how I could view and handle opposition differently? We can respond to opposition in various ways.

     First, when facing opposition we can be optimistic. I heard a great philosopher once say that they were not an optimist; however I believe that in order to get through the opposition you must be optimistic about the outcome. It takes too much of our energy to worry and think the worse of every situation (plus it's bad for our health). Second, opposition brings opportunity. For the believer, opposition presents an opportunity to pray and rest in the bosom of God. Opposition also brings opportunities for growth. God never allows opposition to take place in our lives to harms us, but He always uses it (if we allow Him) to teach us. Embrace the opposition...see it through to the end.




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